Morning in Atlantis


Nicole Bogner – zpěv
Christian Stani – zpěv
Werner Fiedler – kytara
Chris Kamper – klávesy
Mike Koren – baskytara
Thomas Caser – bicí

01. Lovebearing Storm [06:56] (text)
02. Mermaid’s Wintertale [03:28] (text)
03. Seduced like Magic [06:10] (text)

04. Dreams [05:19]
05. Alive [04:39]
06. Sent to Rule [04:15] (text)

Lovebearing Storm

Lovebearing storm
Drowning, lost in the dark cold night
Where she needed me to stay at her side
For the first time I saw my want and will
By her dreams I was chosen to fulfill

Night by night into sleep he fell
Where the need for love gave me my own hell
In the deepest gloom of his misery:
„Will the light of real love ever shine for me?“

I’m the kingdom
I’m the crown
I keep beholding
Whatever is shown
My love is (made) forever
(For) you and me
„May the light of real love always shine for me!“

No more I’m lost in the dead of the night
We have found each other, a lover, a bride
No more lonesome gazing at the moon anymore
„In your heart I witnessed what my life is for!“

A lover’s promise, the test of time
My heart is yours, will yours be mine
When the storm rose over thy boat at sea
Thou were saving my life, and you cared for me

Beneath the sea I drowned in despair
Was it wise or not to take me there
But no long time passed and the truth did come
For each other we’ve shown up as the only one

A different kind of morning
Light is breaking and dawn over me
Embraced by your gentleness and wisdom
I turn free from sleep
May our hearts beat together
Make eternity shine
for a second of living
A (sweet) moment in time

And riding through the ocean
I see that there’s nothing to fear
For living is like dancing
In the heaven of dreams when you’re near
May the world fall apart now
May the ocean dry
We have seen what it is worth living (for)
For a moment in time


Mermaid’s Wintertale

In nights when the moon shines
She’s full of unrest
Because her heart often cries
For some gentle caress
When dawn rises up
And she takes the first breath of the new day
She knows that not much she had left

Anywhere else would be more joy to find
Than here in this place where her memories unwind
Of summer that’s gone such a long time ago
Delusions confessed under cold winter snow

I do believe that my life is not mine
I’m weak and I fear that it will take sometime
To find somewhere to be
Where my heart can be free
For a moment of light surely waits there for me

Beyond the endless hallway to the soul
In the most scaring depth
Of this nightmare’s black hole
Gazing at freedom in white, fragile hands
She takes a first look at the first time she’ll dance

His divine embrace will enchant this occasion
His kiss will bring her to her knees if she dares
To open the gates to her most inner self
She will get more than ever she dreamt

Without a trace of a sound I will leave
And find love in the arms of the man of my dreams
A sailor, a fisher, a child of the sea
Doesn’t matter, as long he’s gentle to me…

Would anybody ever care for me?
For a girl that lives beneath the sea?
Would anybody ever hold my hand?
For a moment, for a while


Seduced Like Magic

She took away reality
And brought me to this place to see
I never thought that this could be for real
While often life is cold
And I’m sometimes feeling sold
There seems to be another realm
Where I can feel a higher sense

The way she brought me there
Was somehow wicked and obscure
But like a child I lost the doubt when I saw light
I could not understand how I did breathe
And opened eyes beneath the sea,
But my heart followed her call that took me away

Easily she got me done, this night
I never saw something like this before…

To prey I’m fallen, to seductive art
(of) a mistress of the warm sea at night
A witch of the waves

Storms can’t kill the faith in rainbows
But when the dawn does come you should
Wrap your arms around the right one

No need for nothing else I felt
And so I could let the ice melt
Between us and I took her really near
For a single moment that did take away
My sense for what is real
And what was just a great illusion of a dream

Addicted to her fingertips
I reached out for her hand, her lips
And finally her cloak did disappear
But when I took her in my arms
And held her close, I felt no heart
And found that she was nothing more
Than faking me to death

Reason’s light had got me back, again
So hard to wake, when all you
(thought you) „loved“, is gone


Sent to Rule

A misty morning, I’m awake
The storm has settled, past’s the rage
The fever of the wind is gone
The (first) beams of sunlight soon will come

I love the flood, I love the tide
The spinning hurricane’s alright
No need to mention the sea – lore
I own the wisdom of…

The sea I know, were i live were i rule
The sound of winds is like a bride to me

I’m a creature of the sea,
where I find everything I need
Of every star I know the name,
the benefits of my bright fame

Whatever I’ve on mind will come,
by day the moon, by nights the sun
As long as I will have a ship,
I can and will sail ‚cross…

The sea I know, were i live were i rule
The sound of winds is like a bride to me

From the stars above, I have come to sail the world,
From The heavens send to rule
In my veins the blood is of water and of salt,
in my eyes the white is clouds

The finest wisdom I received
from deepest pits and my beliefs
In mystic spirit lies my kind
A world beyond control…

No need for reason in my mind
in lasting faith I do define
My world is filled with finest art
that nature made so kindly…